Mission Print

The mission of the Plato University of Management and Design is:


  • To contribute to the educational, cultural, economic and social advancement of Kyrgyzstan and the region by providing its graduates with European-class vocational, undergraduate and graduate educations.


The major goals of the Plato University of Management and Design are:


  • to give our students the opportunity to gain internationally accredited diplomas;
  • to deliver an education which creates a new generation of leaders to contribute to the growth of an open-minded, intellectually diverse community;
  • to monitor the quality of teaching carefully, by means of a panel of students;
  • the maintenance of the curriculum aimed at independent research;
  • to provide and allow students to utilise all  resources without prejudice, to improve their intercultural skills and to support the practice of general social awareness and social responsibility;
  • to expand the sphere of Plato UMD's academic influence within the larger community.