What is Plato UMD Print

The Plato University of Management and Design (Plato UMD) provides its students with unique opportunities to study Management, Tourism and Art.  Plato UMD provides private higher education to talented students in the Kyrgyz Republic and the region. The University is situated in a vibrant community that favours higher education.

Plato UMD aims to promote the synthesis of the Management and Design in education and business. The combination of Management and Design is becoming increasingly important in all business endeavours and in the public arena. Plato UMD will provide a thorough grounding in the key concepts and practical skills required in the student's chosen field, to award qualifications that are internationally recognised and provide the fundamental skills required by employers.

Plato UMD offers the following programmes:





In parallel, Plato UMD offers students the option of studying for the Kyrgyz State Diploma, which will benefit those who want to pursue careers within the CIS.


Our qualifications will give our students the skills they need to either move on to higher education, here or abroad, in Europe or the USA, or go straight into job. For instance, our International
Business Programmes cover all aspects of business including marketing, advertising, administration, human resources and accounting. In addition, they also cover real-life activities such as writing and presenting a business plan.

Our qualifications are valued and recognised by UK colleges, universities, employers and other professional bodies, and are recognised in over 85 countries worldwide.


A practical approach to study

Our programmes offer practical experience that is lacking in more traditional methods. Students have to undertake a number of projects for which they present evidence, based on real-life work and studies. This allows them to demonstrate their skill and knowledge in practical situations.

No exam pressure
Some students work well under exam pressure, whilst others often fail to achieve their potential due to worries or nerves. Progress is measured throughout the programme, allowing the student and professor to gauge performance on a continuing basis, just like in a real workplace.

Inspiring confidence
Learning should be fun! From experience in Europe, students enjoy studying in an area they are interested in, linked to real work tasks. Students build their confidence because they are developing practical skills that will help them secure a job in the future. Students are always given clear guidelines so they know what they have to achieve and how to do it.

Rewarding effort
Students will have to meet deadlines set by their professors, but can do this at their own pace rather than having under perform to the time constraints of an exam. Progress is monitored individually by professors who provide personal support and guidance, helping students develop their learning skills and to reach their potential. They get to learn progressively starting from small-scale and simple topics, progressing to larger more complex themes.

Working together

Teamwork is an important aspect of the world of work. Not surprisingly this is a key feature to studying at Plato UMD. Students work on assignments both individually and in groups, such as manager – employee role play. Some may take some time to adapt to these new ways of working, but they gradually understand what is expected of them.

How are Plato UMD’s courses assessed?
Our courses are not exam-based qualifications. Exams work well for some students but others find them daunting and struggle to see how they fit into the real world of work. Instead, students study real-life, work-based case studies and complete projects and assessments, which contribute to achieving the goals of each unit studied. Each Programme is made up of units. In order to complete each unit, students must achieve against a set of outcomes. The assessment criteria address theory with practical exercises. The assessment process is ongoing, so it allows the student to analyse and improve their own performance through their study in much the same way as they would in a real workplace. The projects that students undertake form the basis of their unit results which are graded as a Pass, a Merit or a Distinction.

What are the qualifications offered by Plato UMD worth?
The qualifications are fully recognised worldwide, enabling our students to either study abroad: Europe, USA, or elsewhere., or to continue their study with us to get an internationally recognised degree. The UK accreditation body is Edexcel and further details can be obtained from their website (www.edexcel.com). Education at Plato UMD is without boundaries and with unique possibilities, such as the opportunity to study abroad, internships, student exchanges and opportunities for work experience during the course of study.
The language of instruction is exclusively English; the international language of business, communication, tourism and technology. All prospective students must pass an English test as well as a series of interviews.