Transfer Students Print

The Plato University of Management and Design welcomes students from other universities and/or institutions of higher education.

Depending on their qualifications, students will be placed in the programme best suited to their needs and qualifications.

 Please contact the Admissions Office for further information.


Although we genuinely welcome applications from all over the world  - we want our student body to be as international as possible -  we have to point out that we cannot guarantee that all visa applications will be successful, and cannot take responsibility for any interruption or delay of studies caused by delays or other obstacles in the visa applications process.

Although we may be able to help overseas students find accommodation, we cannot give any guarantees: again, this must be the responsibility of each student. Finally, we cannot take any responsibility in the event that a student breaks Kyrgyz law.

For more information on these and other issues, please contact our national/regional overseas agents through the links below.